My Happy Place

  Pattering on the window drops of rain race towards the sill.  The dreary world surrounds the house wrapped in oblivion. An occasional flash of lightning disturbs the soft glow of the living room light. Crackles come from the fire stirring in the grate. Curled up on a couch I read, lost in the world of the book. More often than not I take a sip from the mug of hot chocolate. My cat snuggles next to me enjoying the warmth.

    A “Boom!” of thunder barely interrupts the events that follow in the book. An adventure, the characters that I’ve grown to know are in peril. Without my help they may never get out. Their decisions hang on the thread of my presence.

   The world I escape to cuts into everyday life. I never just read the book, I live the book. Two very different lives I lead, yet merge into one.

– J.M

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