A collaborative ode to summer – based on Shakespeare’s “Midsummer night’s dream”

I want my summer back, please!

Just one more day to go…

Mountain biking in dark woods with my little brother close behind.

Kicking uphill on uneven ground,

Worshipping God by singing songs and praying. (J.C.)

Swimming in the lake with my friends on the 4th of July. (M.M)

Paddling along at a fast pace in a green kayak with my sister, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Feeling the excitement build up as I dribble a soccer ball down the grassy field to score a goal in soccer camp. (K.C.)

Hearing the refreshing rain beat on the tent I lay in a soaked sleeping bag waiting for my family to wake up.  (A.C.)

Just one more day ….

Visiting the grand Hearst castle and swimming in salt water pools (E.L.)

Sailing with my family to Sucia with sleek fast dolphins by our side. (N.D.)

The long family trip to Oregon, reading as I traveled

The excitement of my baptism, as I’m submerged (C.P.)

Watching wild horses buck as the riders hang on at the rodeo,

Laughing with my friends as we jump in the cold water of Lake Whatcom. (J.S.)

Camping in the green forest, roughin’ it in warm sleeping bags

and hanging with my fam’ (G.H.)

I want my summer back!

Looking over the water and watching the sun setting, then the fireworks

lighting up the sky,

Staying in a houseboat, and going out on the lake

in Tennessee to swim in the warm water. (A.J.)

Playing my guitar with joy in every strum while everyone else sings their hearts out, feeling ocean wind weave through my hair on a cold morning at the beach, (E.J.)

Sleeping in the tent, hearing a rustle in the trees;

yellow eyes in the gray light of dawn. (A.L.)

Just one more day colliding into my adversaries in a

knockerball field underneath the sweltering sun. (J.H.)

Hiking to a small lake through the lush, green and golden fields of

West Yellowstone,

Going on a run listening to Zombies chase me using the, “Zombies.  Run!”  application on my android tablet.  (N.J.)

Going paddle boarding in Camano Island (M.K.)

Splashing happily on a slide when my best friend comes over (K.L.)

Snoozing lazily on the fluffy couch at home (E.B.)  

Oh to have my summer back!!

Wistfully thinking of winning blue satin ribbons at the country fair with my dog (R.R.)

Propelling my paddle board forward with peaceful, powerful strokes;

A dance party with my crazy family to even crazier music (A.O.)

Listening to joyous laughter at the waterslides,

Working hard at a two-week long drama camp. (H.L.)

Casting my fishing line into a fresh new day with my grandfather at Silver Lake, (L.R.)

Savoring these moments of peacefulness, the calm before

the storm of school rains upon me.

Summer—you went too fast!!!  Come back!

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